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Legal Status (US) OTC in combination products
Legal Status (Canada) Legal and unrestricted
FDA Classification Drug
Class Stimulant
Addiction Risk Addiction-yellow.png Low to Moderate
Brand names Bronkaid

Ephedrine is a stimulant drug sold in the United States under the combination product Bronkaid.

Ephedrine is no longer legally available in the United States in pure form, but was formerly available as a supplement for weight loss. It remains available in Canada.

Legality and Availability

United States

Ephedrine is currently only available in the U.S. in combination with guaifenesin. Purchasing ephedrine products typically requires one to sign a log book or scan their state ID, as it can be used to manufacture meth.

Pharmacies typically sell Bronkaid (25 mg ephedrine / 400 mg guaifenesin) for about $7 for 60 pills (approximately $4.50 per gram), making it similar in cost to pseudoephedrine for use as a stimulant.


In Canada, ephedrine can be purchased freely and is classified as a supplement (as it occurs naturally in the ephedra plant).

Athletic Organizations

Ephedrine is banned in the Olympics[1] and is prohibited by the NCAA[2].

Drug Testing

A standard 5-panel (AMP+OPI+THC+COC+PCP) drug test will not detect ephedrine in theory, but false positives for amphetamine or methamphetamine have been reported, as ephedrine is a member of the amphetamine class. Assuming you live in a country where over-the-counter ephedrine is legal, or have a prescription, it may be necessary to disclose ephedrine use.

Official Uses

Ephedrine is available over the counter for asthma treatment, as it is a bronchodilator.

Unofficial Uses

Ephedrine is a potent stimulant and acts on dopamine and adrenaline receptors. However, in the U.S. its use for athletics is limited because it is only available mixed with guaifenesin, which is a weak muscle relaxant.