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Nutmeg is a spice widely used for culinary purposes. However, at higher doses, it has deliriant effects.

At least two psychoactive substances are present in nutmeg. Myristicin, which has anticholinergic effects and may be a monoamine oxidase inhibitor,[1] and elemicin, which also has anticholinergic effects. Myristicin may be metabolized into MDA by the liver, although this has not been confirmed.[2]

Nutmeg is legal and unregulated in nearly all countries. Saudi Arabia limits the importation of nutmeg, and it is illegal to import spice mixes containing greater than 20% nutmeg.[3] Oman is reported to have similar restrictions.[4]

The abuse and addiction potential of nutmeg is considered to be very low, as the effects can take hours to become apparent and last for days. The subjective effects are typically characterized as being very unpleasant. In addition, it may be neurotoxic at high doses, and deaths have occurred.[5]