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nytheatre.comYou are able to get concert tickets.

The sale starts at 10 a.m. Three minutes later, they are all gone.

There are methods to get great seats to shows without paying outrageous prices.

Shari DiPaola spent hundreds of dollars on the internet to get a ticket to find out her favourite group, but then realized she overpaid.

Applications bots allow brokers to scoop up tickets at lightning rates and resell them online.

Thus how do you prevent getting gouged?

"One thing you can certainly do is go through the official ticket seller like Ticketmaster and make an account," Consumer Reports' Tod Marks said. "That manner, you won’t have to log on and enter payment details during which time a bot can go in and catch your seats."

Also, take advantage of presales through websites like and

Be on the lookout for credit card promotions that offer discounts and first dibs to card holders.

Consumer Reports tracked a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game like FanxChange, ScoreBig and SeatGeek through sites. The difference ended up being more than $50 compared to the box office price.

Another strategy means waiting before the event nears. On occasion, you'll be able to find ticket costs that are lower on resale websites.

On match day, for a ticket that was similar, the price went down almost $80, to about $23.

Another tip would be to refrain from going to concerts in big groups. Purchasing fewer tickets ups the chances for savings success.

Last fall, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would make it illegal for individuals to use resale bots and make it illegal to sell bot applications or tickets purposefully purchased with bots. The bill stalled in the Senate.

As for the bots that snatch up tickets from the hundreds, there are efforts to crack down to them.

Envision yourself on the edge of cliff, staring down in the view below.

Not frightening enough for you? What about working on an essay that’s due in several hours?

If these aren’t enough to frighten you, I ensure that purchasing concert tickets for a sought after artist is actually more stressful than it sounds.

A couple of weeks back, I purchased tickets for the forthcoming appearance in Newark by BTS, a Korean pop group with a rather large and dedicated international fanbase (Google them and you’ll see for yourself). Thus far, I have to say that buying these tickets was one of the most trying things I’ve done in my whole life.

I sat next to my computer and phone with the Ticketmaster website opened and also the countdown to 4 p.m., the time the sales were scheduled to begin. As each second ticked by, I possibly could actually feel the adrenaline running through me.

Eventually, it was 4 p.m. Promptly, Ticketmaster reloaded the page and the dreaded loading bar appeared. This may sound exaggerated, but I was seriously going against thousands of others around the world within an online "Hunger Games" for concert tickets.

In what looked longer than the usual minute, the page finished loading and that I was able to catch two seats that were decent. However, I was given a 10-minute window to make my final decision.

Not five minutes after tickets went on sale, everything sold out, although I decided to keep searching to see if I possibly could find better seats. Certainly, I'd underestimated how popular this concert was really going to be.

I settled for the seats I made and got the ultimate decision to purchase them. Finally, I used to be thankful I got tickets in any way and made it through the mess in one piece.

From this experience, here are some tips I must offer if you’re intending to get Discounted Broadway Tickets for a sought-after act:

1. Find individuals to help

The more individuals you have helping you! Gather up as many devices from your personal computer to your own phone to your own tablet PC as you can, and place someone in charge of a device. You may also have family or friends help you out in distinct locations, but communicate through video calls with them or by phone while you’re buying the tickets.

2. Go somewhere with fast Internet

In case you've not-so-great wifi in your home like I do, try going somewhere else, like Starbucks or the library. You’re ensured to have faster internet speeds there, which ought to assist in trying to grab tickets.

3. Prepare your payments beforehand

I cannot stress this enough. Make an account on the ticket seller website and put in your payment info at least the day before ticket sales start. This will save you lots of time when purchasing the tickets. On Ticketmaster, you ’ll also if you’re signed in be able to hold on to your tickets for longer.

4. Set up and organize early

Make sure all your devices signed in with the ticket seller website and are set up at least 30 minutes before sales begin. Even make sure to convey with family and any friends who are helping you grab tickets.

5. Remain focused on those Captcha tests

Many sites require you to get past these tests called Captchas to demonstrate you aren’t using bot software to snatch large amounts of tickets. I know on Ticketmaster, you needed to select specific pictures that had a street sign or storefront. Stay concentrated to make sure you pick the proper photos and don’t get blocked from the website.


Attempt to remain as calm and collected as possible. Stay focused when you find section and the ticket amount to make certain you get the seats you would like and concentrated.

7. In the event that you don’t get tickets, finally, it’s not the end of the world

dmoz.orgHave faith that the artist or group will come back next time. If you’re that distressed to go, nonetheless, be searching for resellers. Make certain they ’re valid, and do n’t succumb to the high markups from scalpers that are untrustworthy.

Finally, these high markups should begin to drop closer to face value as the event approaches. Just be patient!

President Barack Obama signed the Better On-Line Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act, a bipartisan legislation (S. 3183), into law on Wednesday making it illegal for on-line ticket websites or "ticket bots" to purchase large quantities of amusement tickets and then resell them for a much higher price.

"It fundamentally comes right down to it’s a form of scalping tickets, so they're purchasing these big amounts of tickets and then they’re basically raising the value and scalping them on different sites," said Wichita Intrust Bank Arena General Manager AJ Boleski, who is in support of the bill.

The so called bots that were " " fast purchase as many tickets as possible for resale at markups that were significant, and are one of the reasons why tickets to "Hamilton" performance or a Bruce Springsteen concert can sell out in just a couple of minutes.

By way of example, tickets are at Wichita Intrust Bank Arena on sale for the Neil Diamond concert in July. The stadium is selling upper level tickets for $39.50 and lower level tickets for as much as $149.50. KSN found one on-line website reselling precisely the same upper level tickets for $232 and the same lower level tickets for as much as $499.

" It’s not a truly rational strategy to operate and it’s not honest, clearly to the fanatic, who has been planning to see their favourite act for years and they have to compete with that." Boleski said.

The bill would make utilizing the software an "unfair and deceptive practice" under the Federal Trade Commission Act and allow the FTC to pursue those cases.

ticketcentral.comBoleski said the new bill will increase the entire experience for guests at Intrust Bank Arena.

It ’s a fantastic thing. It generates buying tickets online a lot more reasonable for our patrons," he said.

"Hamilton" producer Jeffrey Seller testified at a Senate hearing. He said the bots invade the Ticketmaster system the moment tickets go on sale and electronically buy nearly all the inventory that was available — one of the reasons tickets to the hit musical in regards to the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton have sold for $1,000 or more.

Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, the Republican sponsor of the bill, said the laws will "level the playing field" for people purchasing tickets.

"The BOTS Act… degrees the on-line playing field and makes ticket prices more reasonable so a greater variety of everyday people can head to that big soccer match, see the musical in town, or attend a concert their son or daughter is longing to see. I appreciate my colleagues in Congress and the support of the president to get this done in a bipartisan way."

Wichita’s Intrust Bank Arena General Manager A.J. Boleski added, "This bill is a step closer in helping make the purchase of tickets more fair to all of those fans going to shows. Preventing BOTS enables patrons in Kansas equal use of ticketing stock. We greatly value the steps taken by Senator Moran to introduce and get this bill passed in the House and the Senate."

In a report earlier this season, investigators in Nyc Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office cited just one agent who bought 1,012 tickets within one minute to a U2 concert at Madison Square Garden when they went on sale on Dec. 8, 2014, despite the seller’s claim of a four-ticket limit. By day’s ending, that one other and broker had 15,000 tickets to U2’s North American shows.

The report said third party agents resell tickets on sites like StubHub and TicketsNow at average margins of 49 percent above face value and occasionally more than ten times the price.

dmoz.orgNew York’s review also found that, normally, 16 percent of tickets are earmarked for various industry insiders like the place workers, artists and promoters, while 38 percent are allowed for presales to certain groups like holders of a particular bank card.